How To Deal With The Low Voltage Alarm Fault Of Diesel Generator Set?

When the fault phenomenon of low voltage alarm occurs in the diesel generator set, we can do related inspection work by confirming that there is no deviation in the display instrument, that the speed / frequency of the unit is normal, and that the load change range is not large when the alarm occurs

  • 10-4 月-2020
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How Cummins Generator Set Passed The Running-in Period Safely

During the use of Cummins generator sets, there are longer or shorter running-in periods. So do you know how to safely pass through the running-in periods of Cummins generating sets?1. Cummins generator set is never allowed to be in no-load state for a long time. 2. Regularly check the pages o

  • 09-4 月-2020
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How To Make Diesel Generator Set More Fuel Efficient?

Every customer who uses a diesel generator set wants the generator set to be more fuel efficient, which is also the goal that every diesel generator set user and manufacturer is constantly pursuing. The following will teach you how to make the generator set more fuel-efficient. Methods as belo

  • 08-4 月-2020
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The Danger Of Diesel Generator Set Emergency Stop With Load

When the diesel generator starts cold, due to poor mobility, high oil viscosity, and lack of oil supply from the oil pump, the friction surface of the machine is poorly smooth due to lack of oil, resulting in sharp wear and tear, and even problems such as cylinder pulling and tile burning. Therefore

  • 07-4 月-2020
  • 189
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Maintenance Knowledge For Gear Of Diesel Generator Set

A generator is a mechanical device that converts other forms of energy into electrical energy. The generator consists of a stator, a rotor, an end cover, and bearing components. When these components work, the rotation of the gear is very important, so diesel generator maintenance personnel often Re

  • 03-4 月-2020
  • 178
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Precautions For Marine Diesel Generator Maintenance

During the maintenance of marine diesel generators, attention should be paid to the working environment: there should be no accumulation of water, oil and dirt in the vicinity, and there must be no corrosive gas to prevent injury to the generator winding insulation. Inventory the tools, rags, etc. u

  • 02-4 月-2020
  • 194
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Principle And Advantages Of Low Noise Generator Anti-noise

Low noise generator noise is a complex sound source composed of multiple sound sources. According to the method of noise radiation, it can be divided into aerodynamic noise, surface radiation noise and electromagnetic noise. According to the reasons, the radiated noise on the generator surface can b

  • 01-4 月-2020
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Effect And Role Of Diesel Generator Coolant

High temperature conditions often occur during the operation of diesel generators. Long-term high temperatures are very bad for machinery. Generally, cold water is used to cool down. Is there any other way to tell you that you can also use coolant, then What are the effects of the coolant.1. Anti-fr

  • 27-3 月-2020
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Reasons For Increased Fuel Consumption

In the statistics of the cost of diesel generator set use, when there is a large amount of fuel consumption at a certain stage, it is necessary to consider whether the fuel supply of the injection pump is too high. The common reasons for the fuel supply of the diesel generator set are the following

  • 26-3 月-2020
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What Are The Precautions For Starting A Diesel Generator?

As a power generation device that starts quickly, is easy to operate and maintain, has low investment, and has strong environmental adaptability, diesel generators are widely used in various departments and related enterprises such as communications, mining, and road construction. Then, for it to st

  • 25-3 月-2020
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Five Ways To Diagnose Diesel Generator Problems

When a problem occurs in a diesel generator set, it is usually concentrated in the diesel engine. So when a problem occurs, how do you diagnose it? In fact, many times customers can diagnose by some simple methods. Here, Giant Power will teach you.1. Listening method: Use a stethoscope or a metal st

  • 24-3 月-2020
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Adjustment Of Diesel Generator Fuel Supply System

The combustion of diesel is related to the performance of the diesel generator set. If the diesel combustion consumption rate of the diesel generator set is highest, it will not only improve the performance of the diesel generator set but also save costs for customers. According to professionals, th

  • 23-3 月-2020
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Noise Reduction Of Diesel Generator Sets

How to reduce the noise of diesel generators as much as possible during the use of generators? Reducing noise from diesel generators is a trick.First, the production of fireproof and soundproof doorsThe thickness of the metal frame made of steel plate is about 100mm. The size is determined by the si

  • 22-3 月-2020
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Correct Use And Operation Method Of Diesel Generator Set

The operation of a diesel generator set is not as simple as imagined. Most of the customer's generator problems are caused by improper use of the generator, resulting in damage to the diesel generator. The service life of a generator is completely dependent on the user's usual use and How we

  • 20-3 月-2020
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10kva Diesel Generator with Perkins to Panama

Diesel Gensets InformationModel NO.: GTP-10GFConditions of Use: Land UseExcitation Mode: AC Rotating ExciterRated Power: 8/10 (kW/kVA)Frequency: 60HzFuel Tank: Base Fuel TankWarranty: 12 Months/1000 HoursController: DeepseaAlternator: StamfordCertificate: Ce/ISO9001/ISO14001Engine: UK PerkinsPhase:

  • 18-3 月-2020
  • 194
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