How Cummins Generator Set Passed The Running-in Period Safely

  • 09 - 04 - 2020
  • 179

During the use of Cummins generator sets, there are longer or shorter running-in periods. So do you know how to safely pass through the running-in periods of Cummins generating sets?


1. Cummins generator set is never allowed to be in no-load state for a long time.

  2. Regularly check the pages of the cooling system of the generator set and the lubricants of various parts. If any irregularities or omissions are found, they should be supplemented or checked immediately to eliminate them.

  3. Always ensure that every time you use the Cummins generator set, you must carefully check it according to the maintenance schedule on the manual to complete the required work.

  4. After starting, allow the generator set to warm up for more than 5 minutes before and after connecting the load (except for the generator set with preheating system).

  5. Never allow Cummins generating units to run overloaded.

  6. Strictly abide by all the requirements of inspection and maintenance in the manual.

  7. Never use any running-in oil.

  8. When there is no load, Cummins generator set is never allowed to run without load for more than 5 minutes.

  9. For a new generator set, the cooling water temperature should rise to 60 ℃ after starting and then be fully loaded.


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