80kw Cummins Diesel Generator Set To Cambodia

80kw Cummins diesel generator set to CambodiaDiesel engine: Cummins 6BT5.9-G2Alternator: StamfordController: SmartGenPrime power: 80kw/100kvaStandby power:87kw/109kvaFrequency: 50hzSoundproof or Open: Soundproof

  • 13-11 月-2020
  • 267
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50kw Perkins Diesel Generators To Peri

50kw Perkins diesel generators to PeriDiesel engine: Perkins 1104D-44TG1Alternator: StamfordController: DeepseaPrime power: 50kw/62.5kvaStandby power: 55.2kw/69kvaFrequency: 60hzSoundproof or Open: Soundproof

  • 12-11 月-2020
  • 237
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60kva Cummins Diesel Generators To Vietnam

60kva Cummins diesel generators to VietnamDiesel engine: Cummins 4BTA3.9-G2Alternator: StamfordController: SmartGenPrime power: 48kw/60kvaStandby power: 52kw/65kvaFrequency: 50hzSoundproof or Open: Open

  • 05-11 月-2020
  • 257
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20kva Perkins Diesel Generators To Dominica

20kva Perkins diesel generators to DominicaDiesel engine: Perkins 404D-22GAlternator: StamfordController: DeepseaPrime power: 19.2kw/24kvaStandby power: 20.8kw/26kvaFrequency: 60hzSoundproof or Open: soundproof

  • 03-11 月-2020
  • 230
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50kw Cummins Trailer Generator To Singapore

50kw Cummins Trailer generator to SingaporeDiesel engine: Cummins 4BTA3.9-G2Alternator: StamfordController: DeepseaPrime power: 48kw/60kvaStandby power: 52kw/65kvaVoltage: 230V/400VFrequency: 50hzSoundproof Trailer

  • 02-11 月-2020
  • 255
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200kva Cummins Generators To Malaysia

200kva Cummins generators to MalaysiaDiesel engine: Cummins 6CTAA8.3-G2Alternator: Stamford UCI 274H14Controller: Deepsea 6120Prime power:200kva/160kwStandby power: 220kva/176kwFrequency: 50hzSoundproof or Open: Silent

  • 27-10 月-2020
  • 256
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500KW China Yuchai Diesel Generators To Thailand

500KW China Yuchai diesel generator to ThailandDiesel generator informationPrime Power: 500KWFrequency: 50HzVoltage: 230/400VDiesel engine: China Yuchai YC6TD840-D31Alternator: StamfordController: DeepseaOpen type, with fuel tank

  • 26-10 月-2020
  • 232
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20kva Cummins Diesel Generators To Pakistan

20kva Cummins diesel generators to PakistanDiesel Generators information:Diesel engine: Cummins 4B3.9-G11Alternator: StamfordController: SmartgenPrime power: 16kw/20kvaFrequency:50HZSoundproofWarrantyJinte Power will supply a warranty of 1 year after delivery or 1500 running hours (accumulated) as

  • 16-9 月-2020
  • 233
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150kva Perkins Silent Diesel Generator To Pahama

150kva Perkins silent diesel generator to EcuadorDiesel Generators information:Diesel engine: Perkins 1106A-70TG1Alternator: StamfordController: SmartgenPrime power: 120kw/150kvaStandby power:132kw/165kvaFrequency:60HZSoundproofWarrantyJinte Power will supply a warranty of 1 year after delivery or

  • 15-9 月-2020
  • 232
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90kva Perkins Silent Diesel Generator To Ecuador

90kva Perkins silent diesel generator to EcuadorDiesel Generators information:Diesel engine: Perkins 1104D-E44TAG1Alternator: StamfordController: SmartgenPrime power: 72kw/90kvaStandby power:80kw/100kvaVoltage:240-480VFrequency:60HZSoundproofWarrantyJinte Power will supply a warranty of 1 year afte

  • 14-9 月-2020
  • 205
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20kva Perkins Diesel Generator To Nigeria

Diesel Generators information:Diesel engine: Perkins 404A-22GAlternator: StamfordController: SmartgenPrime power: 16kw/20kvaStandby power:17.5kw/22kvaVoltage:240-480VFrequency:50HZSoundproofWarrantyJinte Power will supply a warranty of 1 year after delivery or 1500 running hours (accumulated) as pe

  • 31-8 月-2020
  • 215
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50kw Perkins Soundproof Generator Set To Myanmar

50kw Perkins generator set to MyanmarDetailed information for the genset:Engine: Perkins 1104D-44TG2Alternator: S1L2-Y1Controller: Smartgen 6110Soundproof and weatherproofProduct images:

  • 27-8 月-2020
  • 201
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34kw Perkins Diesel Generator To Dominican

A 34kw Perkins diesel generator set purchased by an Dominican customer from our company successfully left the factory today. The set is powered by Perkins Engine 404D-22TG and equipped with stamford S1L2-K1 alternator.The controller is ComAp InteliLite MRS10. The genget produced by our company has l

  • 26-8 月-2020
  • 199
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200kw Volvo Trailer Diesel Generator To Australia

200kw Volvo Trailer diesel generator set to AustraliaDetailed information for the genset:Engine: Volve TAD734GEAlternator: UCDI 274K14Controller: Deepsea DSE6020Soundproof, weatherproofProduct images:

  • 25-8 月-2020
  • 217
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60kva Cummins Diesel Genset To Cambodia

60kva Cummins diesel generator set has been finished and is ready to ship to Cambodia.Genset detailed information is as belowEngine: Cummins 4BTA3.9-G2Alternator: Stamford S1L2-R1Controller: Smartgen 6110Soundproof typeProduct images:

  • 24-8 月-2020
  • 234
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