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Trailer mounted Diesel Generator is a special application of diesel gensets. The trailer type diesel generator can be moved from one place to another place, it is very easy for mobile power supply. Normally, the trailer mounted diesel generator coupled with soundproof cabinet, it can be soundproof and waterproof, it is suitable for outdoor using.

The mobile trailer generator set is innovative, with high maneuverability, low center of gravity, safe braking, well-made and beautiful appearance. The leaf spring suspension structure node has a reasonable selection, high strength, and good rigidity. The power station is easy to move, equipped with hand brakes, air brakes, rear taillights, and other systems to meet the driving requirements of the road. Widely used in construction sites, roads, railway construction, and temporary locations.

Technical performance

1. Flexible and convenient draw-bar for easy traction.

2. The unique manual, pneumatic and hydraulic brakes keep the traction safe and reliable.

3. Aluminum or steel container-type casing to ensure that the gensets is not eroded by rain, snow and dust.

4. The main cable quick-plug allows the user to output power conveniently and quickly.

5. The daily fuel tank ensures that the unit runs continuously for 8 hours.

6. Manual or hydraulic support legs for stable support of the weight for a long time

7. Heavy-duty air filter, motor dust-proof device, adapt to desert and dust environment

8. Air heating device and water jacket preheating device are suitable for humid and cold environment.

Customized solutions

1. Provide two wheels, four wheels, six wheels and eight wheels according to actual requirements.

2. Provide large-capacity built-in fuel tank according to actual requirements

3. Optimize noise according to the actual use requirements for air inlet and outlet.

Our advantages

1. Traction: adopts movable hook, 360° turntable, flexible steering, ensuring safety during driving.

2. Braking: At the same time, it has a reliable air brake interface and a manual brake system to ensure safety during driving.

3. Support: In order to ensure the stability of the power car operation, there are 4 mechanical or hydraulic support devices.

4. Doors and windows: There are ventilation windows at the front and opposite doors at the rear. There are doors on both sides for the operators to enter and exit.

5. Lighting: There is a ceiling explosion-proof lamp in the cabinet, a workbench on the right side, and a work table lamp to facilitate the operation of the staff.

6. Soundproofing: The cabinet and door of the generator set are all decorated with double layers and equipped with sound-absorbing panels to silence the sound. The exhaust pipe is wrapped with thermal insulation cotton, and the noise can be controlled within 70dB(A).

7. Soundproof cabinet size: The size of the cabinet is determined by the size of the diesel generator. The operator can walk around for easy operation and maintenance.

8. External appearance: the paint is made of high-molecular polyurethane paint, the color can be customized, and the exhaust pipe is exhausted to ensure the appearance.

9. Firefighting: There are two fire extinguishers in the cabinet.

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