Model Prime Engine model Alternator Stamford
JT-C50M 40Kw/50kva 4BTA3.9-GM47 UCM224E
JT-C63M 50Kw/63kva 6BT5.9-GM83 UCM224F
JT-C88M 70Kw/88kva 6BT5.9-GM83 UCM274D
JT-C113M 90Kw/113kva 6BTA5.9-GM100 UCM274E
JT-C125M 100Kw/125kva 6CT8.3-GM115 UCM274E
JT-C150M 120Kw/150kva 6CTA8.3-GM155 UCM274G
JT-C175M 140Kw/175kva 6CTA8.3-GM155 UCM274H
JT-C200M 160Kw/200kva 6LTAA8.9-GM200 UCDM274J
JT-C225M 180Kw/225kva N855-DM UCDM274K
JT-C250M 200Kw/250kva N855-DM HCM434D
JT-C313M 250Kw/313kva N855-DM HCM434E
JT-C350M 280Kw/350kva N855-DM HCM434F
JT-C400M 320Kw/400kva K19-DM HCM534C
JT-C450M 360Kw/450kva K19-DM HCM534D
JT-C500M 400Kw/500kva K19-DM HCM534E
JT-C625M 500Kw/625kva K38-DM HCM634G
JT-C700M 560Kw/700kva K38-DM HCM634H
JT-C825M 660Kw/825kva K38-DM HCM634J
JT-C875M 700Kw/875kva K38-DM HCM634K
JT-C1000M 800Kw/1000kva K38-DM PM734B
JT-C1188M 950Kw/1188kva K50-DM PM734C
Model Prime Engine model Alternator Stamford
JT-C50M-60 40Kw/50kva 4BTA3.9-GM65 UCM224D
JT-C63M-60 50Kw/63kva 4BTA3.9-GM65 UCM224F
JT-C80M-60 64Kw/80kva 6BT5.9-GM100 UCM224G
JT-C100M-60 80Kw/100kva 6BT5.9-GM100 UCM274C
JT-C125M-60 100Kw/125kva 6BTA5.9-GM120 UCM274E
JT-C138M-60 110Kw/138kva 6CT8.3-GM129 UCM274E
JT-C150M-60 120Kw/150kva 6CTA8.3-GM175 UCM274F
JT-C188M-60 150Kw/188kva 6CTA8.3-GM175 UCM274G
JT-C250M-60 200Kw/250kva N855-DM UCDM274J
JT-C313M-60 250Kw/313kva N855-DM HCM434D
JT-C338M-60 270Kw/338kva N855-DM HCM434E
JT-C375M-60 300Kw/375kva K19-DM HCM434F
JT-C450M-60 360Kw/450kva K19-DM HCM534C
JT-C500M-60 400Kw/500kva K19-DM HCM534D
JT-C563M-60 450Kw/563kva K19-DM HCM534E
JT-C625M-60 500Kw/625kva K38-DM HCM534E
JT-C750M-60 600Kw/750kva K38-DM HCM634G
JT-C825M-60 660Kw/825kva K38-DM HCM634H
JT-C910M-60 728Kw/910kva K38-DM HCM634H
JT-C1063M-60 850Kw/1063kva K38-DM HCM634J
JT-C1438M-60 1150Kw/1438kva K50-DM PM734C

Jinte Cummins marine generating sets are driven by Cummins marine diesel engines series of 4B, 6B, 6C, 6L, N855, K19, K38 and K50.

Cummins marine generators/gensets are hot cakes in the market and are used in more than 150 countries all over the world. Cummins marine engines have features of compact structure, full power ranging, low fuel consumption, low noise, reliable performance and long life span. All engines are covered by Cummins global united warranty and after-sales service. 

Jinte Power Marine diesel generator (ship’s auxiliary equipment), with over 20 years of experience in R & D and manufacturing, we can provide high-quality and pollution-free marine power generators to clients all over the world. The marine gensets can be driven by the world’s top marine diesel engine brands of Cummins, coupled with Stamford, Marathon, ABB or Siemens alternators. Until now, Jinte power marine generation has been widely used as the main power source or emergency power source for all kinds of boats, such as various kinds of large ships yards, river navigation fishing boats, transport ships, luxurious yachts and so on.

For marine classification certificates, Jinte supply CCS as standard, and supplying ABS, BV, DNV-GL, ClassNK, LRS Certificates as options. All Jinte Power marine engines meet emissions demand of IMO II and above based on EIAPP.

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