How does the low noise cabinet reduce noise?

  • 13 - 04 - 2020
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Noise has a great impact on human health, and the diesel generator set is accompanied by noisy sound when running, which seriously sounds the health of the body, and a low-noise box can reduce the noise to the user. influences. How does the low-noise cabinet reduce noise? What is the principle of its internal structure?


1. The sound-absorbing material adopts fire-proof, high-temperature-proof, sound-absorbing, wave environmentally friendly sponge plus 0.8mm galvanized iron plate, and the perforated plate covers the box sponge to diffuse noise, absorb, dampen and reduce noise.

2. The air intake system is designed on the top of the generator set mute box. It is made of galvanized iron plate for anti-turbidity and waterproofing. A baffle muffler system and two 25,000m3 explosion-proof blowers per hour are installed. The air is replenished in time,

3. Exhaust air and heat dissipation system, the dirty waste hot air is exhausted in time, to ensure that the temperature in the chassis and the working temperature of the generator will not rise, to achieve the purpose of improving power generation efficiency, reducing fuel consumption, and extending the life of the generator.

4. Install KD-KZD series bag type, medium-efficiency air filter in front of the air inlet box to make the air entering the cabinet fresh, can filter out 90% of the dust in the air above 5 microns, and remove the water soluble in the air Harmful gas, keep the indoor air clean, hygienic, and better extend the service life of the air filter on the unit.

5. Into the exhaust system, in order to prevent the noise from being passed out, silencers are installed in the intake and exhaust channels and the heat dissipation channel, and secondary noise reduction is added to the exhaust smoke exhaust pipe. The muffler achieves the purpose of outdoor noise reduction. National standard.

6. Independent control room, for the operator to work in a noisy environment for a long time, to damage the hearing and eyesight, provide the operator with a good working environment, adopt the isolated operation type without noise, install 1.0 air conditioner, data storage . Better improve the applicability of the operator.

7. The intake and exhaust air automatically shut down the system. If methane content appears in the cabinet, the flue gas is higher than the standard, and a fire occurs in the box, the flue gas alarm system will automatically shut off the intake and exhaust system to cut off the air intake generator box. In order to control the generator set in the absence of oxygen, it can better protect the generator set.


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