Because of the size of the load and the operating state of the generator set, it is sometimes necessary to use parallel machines. For example, in order to increase the flexibility of the backup power supply, or because the load is too large, two or more units can be considered for parallel use as the backup power supply. In some cases, due to the large proportion of inductive load in the load, the power required for startup is large, but the power is small during normal operation, resulting in low-load operation is very unfavorable to the unit, then consider using parallel startup load. , the mode of stand-alone operation after startup.

According to the size of the load, the unit will be automatically paralleled or disconnected and then shut down, so as to achieve better economic benefits and maintain a good operating state of the unit to achieve flexible power supply.

Technical performance

1. Parallel voltage type 50Hz: 380V-440V; 60Hz: 190V-240V, 380V-480V

2. The parallel capacity is large and the quantity is large. The minimum power is from 10 kVA -3800kVA. Up to 256 units

3. The power supply mode is flexible. The relevant number of units can be started and operated according to the actual load demand

4. The load distribution mode is flexible. The related units can be started or stopped according to the load demand

5. High degree of automation. It integrates the protection, measurement, remote control, remote signaling, telemetry and signal of the electrical system, realizes the comprehensive automation of the electrical system, has the functions of protection and alarm signal, and transmits it to the main control room.

Customized solutions

1. Can be configured with large-capacity large-capacity fuel tank

2. Various power distribution cabinets can be configured

3. Remote monitoring and operating system

4. Control room design

5. Container customization

Our advantages

1. Special device for parallel operation of units

2. Optional special diesel engine parallel module (American GAC) parallel system or highly integrated controller (DEIF) digital parallel system

3. Manual/automatic multi-machine parallel connection, centralized control, easy operation

4. Automatic average active load, reactive load, load unbalance proportional adjustment

5. Automatic peak regulation input, which can adjust the number of units input according to the change of load capacity

6. Automatic frequency tracking, automatic synchronization control

7. Difference-free distribution of active and reactive loads

8. Soft loading and unloading input

9. Reverse power, over power detection and shutdown protection

10. Unit short circuit and overcurrent protection

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