Adjustment Of Diesel Generator Fuel Supply System

  • 23 - 03 - 2020
  • 185

The combustion of diesel is related to the performance of the diesel generator set. If the diesel combustion consumption rate of the diesel generator set is highest, it will not only improve the performance of the diesel generator set but also save costs for customers. According to professionals, the best way to increase fuel consumption is to adjust the fuel supply system of the unit. That is, after the diesel generator set works normally for 400 hours or the injection pump-governor assembly. Correct the fuel supply advance angle when readjusted after reassembly. The adjustment method of fuel supply advance angle is as follows:

1.Remove the high-pressure fuel pipe of the first cylinder of the fuel injection pump governor assembly, and lock the handle on the governor to the maximum fuel supply position of the diesel generator set.

2. Move the flywheel according to the running direction of the diesel generator, observe the fuel supply of the first cylinder of the fuel injection pump during the rotation, and stop rotating the crankshaft when the oil level of the first cylinder is just fluctuated.

3. If the fuel supply on the flywheel corresponding to the pointer on the flywheel housing does not match the fuel supply angle specified by the diesel engine of this model, loosen the two locking screws on the fuel injection pump coupling plate, and then turn the crankshaft so that the pointer is aligned. For the angle within the specified range, tighten the two fixing screws.



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