How To Make Diesel Generator Set More Fuel Efficient?

  • 08 - 04 - 2020
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Every customer who uses a diesel generator set wants the generator set to be more fuel efficient, which is also the goal that every diesel generator set user and manufacturer is constantly pursuing. The following will teach you how to make the generator set more fuel-efficient.

  Methods as below:

1. Increase the temperature of the cooling water of the diesel generator set:

Increasing the temperature of the cooling water can increase the temperature of the generator body, which not only promotes the complete combustion of diesel, but also reduces the viscosity of the engine oil, thereby reducing the resistance to movement and achieving the effect of fuel saving.

2. Purify the oil before using it:

About 60% of the faults of diesel generators come from the oil supply system, so they must be dealt with before adding fuel to the generator. The treatment method is as follows: the purchased diesel can be left to settle for about 2-4 days before being used, which can precipitate about 98% of the impurities. The purpose of processing the fuel is to make the diesel generating set more fuel-efficient.

3. Within the rated power, do not overload it:

When using the generator set, it should be within the rated power. Do not overload it, otherwise it will achieve the purpose of fuel saving. Overload operation not only affects the life of the generator set, but also greatly increases fuel consumption. The general load rate is controlled at a reasonable level, and the load rate between 50% and 80% is more fuel efficient.

4. Increase the pulley of the diesel engine and change it into a “big horse carriage”:

Properly increasing the diesel engine pulley can increase the speed of the water pump when the diesel generator set is running at a reduced speed, increasing the flow rate and head, thereby achieving the purpose of energy saving.


5. Regular maintenance of diesel generating sets:

When the engine is used for a long period of time, normal wear and tear will form. If improper maintenance is performed, abnormal wear will occur, resulting in the formation of longitudinal traction marks on the cylinder liner of the diesel generator. The oil is not clean.

Secondly, the inner support twisting spring in the oil ring is disconnected at the opening of the oil ring, resulting in unclean oil and participating in the combustion, causing severe oil consumption symptoms. The specific manifestation is that the diesel engine is difficult to start, and the exhaust pipe has obvious blue smoke. The ventilator sprayed heavily.

In addition, the piston should be on the upward side, and the combustion chamber will be inverted due to the inverted direction during assembly. Although it will not affect the start of the diesel engine, the oil consumption will be very serious. Carry out regular maintenance on the diesel generator set.

6. Ensure that the machine does not leak oil:

Diesel generator oil pipe often has holes due to uneven joint surface, gasket deformation or damaged surface. The treatment method is to apply the valve paint to the gasket and put it on the glass plate to grind it, and the oil pipe joint is positive. A diesel recovery device is added, and a plastic pipe can be used to connect the oil return pipe on the oil nozzle to the hollow core screw to make the oil return flow into the oil tank.

7. Maintain a good oil supply angle:

If the oil supply angle is shifted, it will cause the oil supply time to be too late and the fuel consumption will increase greatly.


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