High voltage diesel generators are used in the metallurgy industry, airports, database centers etc. as an emergency backup power supply. The output voltage of the generators is the same as the voltage of the power supply system, so, it can connect to the power supply system directly. And because the output of the generator voltage is high, the current is low, it has the least power lose during electricity transmission. High voltage diesel generators are very suitable for long-distance transfer.

High voltage diesel generators are mainly used in parallel, single genset power capacity normally over 1000kW. The voltage output of 50Hz genset is: 6KV, 6.3KV, 6.6KV, 10KV, 10.5KV, 11KV etc.

A high voltage diesel generator control system is composed of a high voltage switch cabinet and control center. The control system has RS232 and Modbus communication interface protocol. The users can collect data, monitor and manage all the generating systems. The control system is divided into three main parts: incoming cabinet (parallel cabinet), PT cabinet and outgoing cabinet.

Technical performance

1. Voltage is high. Domestic markets need 6.6KV, 10.5KV; Markets for 60HZ frequency need 6.6KV, 13.8KV.

2. The capacity of the single Gen-set is large. Generally, it is above 1000KW, which can realize parallel operation of many units. The maximum quantity is 256 units.

3. Output current is small, which can transmit power over long distances and has less line loss in transmission and distribution.

4. The load distribution mode is flexible. The Gen-set can directly power the high voltage load or power the low voltage load through a transformer.

5. High automation. It integrates the protection, measurement, remote control, remote signalling, telemetry and signal of the electrical system to realise the comprehensive automation of the electrical system with the function of protection and alarm signal and transmitted to the control center.

Customized solutions

1. Equipped with large-capacity buried oil tanks to meet the requirements of long-term operation of each unit.

2. Configured with various power distribution cabinets, such as inlet and outlet cabinets, PT cabinets, grounding resistor cabinets, etc.

3. Remote monitoring and operating system.

4. The structure of the machine room can be designed according to actual needs.

5. Customize the container canopy according to the actual application environment.

6. Comply with the requirements of BS EN 60034 and other international standards (e.g. BS5000, VDE 0530, NEMA MG1-32, IECEN60034, CSA C22.2-100 and AS1359).

7. High-voltage transmission makes small voltage drop and low comprehensive costs.

8. The products can supply high-voltage load directly. Few high-voltage parallel devices make a simple system, with few fall points and easy to use.

9. Large capacity, the ability of distant supply, centralized construction of generating set rooms, high reliability and safety, etc.

10. Voltagegrade: 6 kV、6.3 kV、6.6 kV、10 kV、10.5 kV、11 kV.

Our advantages

1. All Gensets’ designs are based on professional fluid software for simulation and analysis.

2. All Gensets’ cooling systems use 50 ℃ as a reference.

3. Engines and alternators are selected from international famous brands

4. High degree of customization can be fully customized according to users’ requirements.

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