Genset model Prime Power Standby Power Engine model
JTC-20NG 14 18 16 20 LY2.2G-G19
JTC-38NG 27 34 30 38 LYB3.9G-G38
JTC-45NG 33 41 36 45 LY2.8G-G42
JTC-63NG 45 57 50 63 LYB5.9G-G60
JTC-75NG 55 68 60 75 LYBT3.9G-G70
JTC-113NG 82 103 90 113 LYBT5.9-G110
JTC-125NG 90 113 100 125 LYBT5.9-G120
JTC-165NG 120 150 132 165 LYC8.3G-G150
JTC-200NG 145 182 160 200 LYC8.3H-G180
JTC-225NG 160 200 180 225 LYL8.9G-G200
JTC-250NG 180 227 200 250 LYL9.5G-G220
JTC-275NG 200 250 220 275 LYNT855G-G240
JTC-325NG 236 295 260 325 LY13G-G300
JTC-375NG 273 340 300 375 LYK19G-G330
JTC-450NG 328 410 360 450 LY12VG-G430
JTC-625NG 455 570 500 625 LYK38G-G550

Cummins is one of world top famous engines and widely acceptable all over the world. Cummins Inc., a global power leader, a corporation of complementary business units that design, manufacture, distribute and service engines and related technologies, including fuel systems, controls, air handling, filtration, emission solutions and electrical power generating systems. Headquartered in Columbus, Indiana, (USA) Cummins serves customers in approximately 190 countries and territories through a network of more than 600 company-owned and independent distributor locations and approximately 5,200 dealer locations, where you can get free-minded warranty and after sales for Cummins gas engine generating set.

Jinte Power Cummins gas engines involved series of 4B, 6B, 6C, 6L, NT855, K19, K38 GTA, QSK and QSV made in UK, India and China. By assimilating gas engine concerning technologies of Mixer, Ignitions System, Governor/actuator System from WOODWARD, MOTORTECH, HEINZMANN, ALTRONIC, IMPCO, STITT, Giant Power Gas Generator Set can work at reliable performance, easy for maintenance, much longer life-span and very economical in price based on wonderful quality.

Applicable fuel for Cummins gas genset/gas generation/gas power plant has a wide range of methane-based gases (natural gas, biogas, marsh gas, coal mine methane gas, shale gas and biomass etc.).

Requirements for Natural Gas Quality

Normally speaking, Jinte Power require your gas can reach below standards: 

•The content of CH4 ≥70%

•Gas Pressure: 2~8kpa for Cummins engines, 100~400kpa for JDEC Engines, rate of pressure change ≤1kpa/min H2S≤20mg/Nm3

•Total Sulfur Content 460mg/Nm3

•Dust Content ≤10mg/Nm3

•No Liquid Water, Moisture Content≤40g/Nm3

•Impurity particular≤5um, Impurity content ≤30mg/Nm3

1. 50Hz and 60Hz are available, Various low Voltage and High Voltage of 3.3kV~13.8kV are available options.

2. Special requirements for Soundproof Canopy/Container, ATS, Synchronizing Parallel Control panels and CHP are available for options. 

3. The data herein is just for purpose of reference only and not binding. The data given in the official offer is decisive.

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