150KW Perkins Soundproof Genset To Philippines

150KW Perkins soundproof diesel generator set to PhilippinesDetailed information for the generator set:Engine: Perkins 1106D-E70TAG4Alternator: Stamford UCI274FController: Deepsea DSE6020Frequency: 60HZVoltage: 208/120VPackage: Wooden CaseProduct images:

  • 21-8 月-2020
  • 245
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250KW And 350KW Cummins Diesel Generator Sets To Maldives

1pc of 250kw and 1pc of 350kw Cummins diesel generator set are shipped to Maldives as per our customer's request.Detailed information for 250kw genset:Cummins NTA855-G1B engineAlternator is Stamford S4L1D-D41Controller is Deepsea 8860Open typeDetailed information for 350kw genset:Cummins KTA19-G

  • 20-8 月-2020
  • 217
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150kva Perkins Diesel Generator To Indonesia

150kva Perkins diesel generator to IndonesiaGenset informationDiesel engine is Perkins 1106A-70TA,Alternator is Stamford UCI274F14,Controller is Smartgen 6110N,Open type with 8 hours fuel tank on base,Prime Power is 150KVA / 120KWGenset photos

  • 27-7 月-2020
  • 226
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Perkins Diesel Generator To Russia

24kw prime power capacity Perkins diesel generatorDiesel generator information:Diesel Engine is Perkins 1103A-33G,Alternator is Kingte JT-24W,Controller is Smartagen HMG6110N (Russian language),Special designed dimension soundproof warm proof cabinet,Fuel tank 200L, ATS, water heater, oil heater.Die

  • 23-7 月-2020
  • 221
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Shangchai SDEC 280KW Diesel Generator To Russia With EAC

280KW Shangchai SDEC diesel generator to Russia with EACDiesel genset informationDiesel engine model is Shangchai SDEC SC12E460D2,Alternator model is Giant Power GT-280W,Controller is Smartgen SMG6110N with ATS,Open type genset, 900L fuel tank.Prime power is 280KW,Frequency is 50Hz,Voltage is 400V,

  • 22-6 月-2020
  • 201
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20KVA Perkins Diesel Generators To Thailand

20KVA Perkins diesel generators to ThailandDiesel Genset informationPrime Power: 20KVA/16KWDiesel engine: Perkins 404D-22GStamford: Stamford S0L2-G1Controller: Smartgen 6110NSoundproof type with 8 hours fuel tankDiesel Genset photos

  • 08-6 月-2020
  • 225
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100KW Cummins Silent Generator Set To Russia

104KW Cummins Silent Generator Set to RussiaProduct informationThe Genset Prime Power: 104KW/130KVAVoltage: 230/400VFrequency: 50HZEngine: Cummins 6BTAA5.9-G2Alternator: Stamford UCI 274E14Control Panel: Deepsea DSE7310Soundproof typeProduct photo

  • 04-6 月-2020
  • 229
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1200KW Cummins Diesel Generator To Thailand

1200KW Cummins diesel generator to ThailandProducts informationThe diesel engine is Cummins KTA50-G8.The alternator is Stamford S7L1D-C41.The controller is Deepsea DSE7310 with the ATS cabinet.The genset Prime power is 1200KW/1500KVA.The voltage is 440/380V, frequency is 50Hz (1500rpm).Open type, 15

  • 27-5 月-2020
  • 226
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150KW Perkins Diesel Generator To Myanmar

150KW open type Perkins diesel generator to MyanmarDiesel genset informationThe diesel engine is Perkins 1106A-70TAThe alternator is Giant Power JT-200WThe controller is Smartgen SMG6110NOpen type, 8 hours fuel tank on basePrime power is 150KWFrequency is 50Hz (1500RPM)Diesel genset photos

  • 25-5 月-2020
  • 219
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200kw 250kva Cummins Silent Generator To Argentina

250kva 200kw Cummins silent diesel generator to ArgentinaDiesel generator set information:The diesel engine is Cummins NT855-GA.The alternator is Stamford UCDI 274K14.The controller is Smartgen HGM6120N with ATS.Silent soundproof type, 8 hours fuel tank on the base.This diesel generator set has been

  • 18-5 月-2020
  • 224
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Cummins Diesel Generators To Iran

10 units of Cummins diesel generators to Iran3 units of 200KW Cummins diesel generators and 7 units of 150kw Cummins diesel generators. These 10 units of diesel generators are all ready for delivery, they are tested in our factory. The buyer is from Iran business company, the end-user is the Healthy

  • 13-5 月-2020
  • 218
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How To Run In The New Diesel Generator Set

Before the new diesel generator set is put into operation, it must be run-in according to the technical requirements of the diesel engine manual, so that the surface of the moving parts is smoother and the service life of the diesel engine is extended.During the running-in of the unit, try to avoid

  • 11-5 月-2020
  • 211
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Trailer Mounted Diesel Generators To Myanmar

50kw and 100kw trailer-mounted diesel generators to MyanmarProduct information50kw Trailer Mounted Diesel GeneratorDiesel engine: Cummins 4BTA3.9-G2Alternator: Stamford UCI224DController: Deepsea DSE6110Genset output power: 50kwFrequency: 50HzVoltage: 230/400VSoundproof type with trailer mounted10 h

  • 09-5 月-2020
  • 203
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Automatic Voltage Stabilizing Device Of Diesel Generating Set

An automatic voltage regulator (AVR) allows the alternator to maintain a stable voltage from no-load to full-load operation. The stator of the main machine supplies power to the excitation field through the AVR, and can automatically adjust the current of the excitation field. The AVR responds to th

  • 09-5 月-2020
  • 209
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Related Technical Indicators Of Diesel Generating Sets

The diesel generating set starts immediately when needed and supplies excellent electrical energy to the load. Important technical indicators that need attention:1.When the diesel generator set is under heavy load or when the load has changed, its output voltage will change to a new value, and this

  • 08-5 月-2020
  • 242
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