200kw 250kva Diesel Generator To South Africa

200kw 250kva diesel generator to South AfricaThis diesel generator is prime power 200KW/250KVA, 50Hz, 3 phase, 230/400V. The diesel engine is China brand SDEC, and the alternator is Jinte brand, price is very competitive, and the quality is very high. Low fuel consumption, high power output. The con

  • 07-12 月-2020
  • 301
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400KVA Cummins Silent Generator To USA

400KVA Cummins silent generator to the USAThis 400KVA silent diesel generator uses Cummins diesel engine, model NTA855-G3, coupled with Stamford alternator, model HCI444FS1. Controller brand is Deepsea, model DSE7320. The diesel genset is silent soundproof enclosed, the noise level is about 70-71 dB

  • 05-12 月-2020
  • 292
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200kw Cummins Diesel Generator Set To Burma

200kw Cummins diesel generator set to BurmaDiesel engine: Cummins 6LTAA8.9-G2Alternator: StamfordController: SmartGenPrime power: 200kw/250kvaStandby power: 220kw/275kvaFrequency: 50hzSoundproof or Open: Soundproof

  • 03-12 月-2020
  • 252
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200KVA Cummins Diesel Generator To Thailand

200KVA Cummins diesel generator to ThailandThis diesel generator set is open type, use Cummins diesel engine 6CTAA8.3-G2, coupled with Stamford alternator UCI274H14, controller is Smartgen. This 200KVA Cummins diesel generator will be used in a Garment factory in Bangkok.Please kindly contact us if

  • 02-12 月-2020
  • 273
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Biogas Generators To Russia

Containerized biogas generators to RussiaWe use Cummins gas engine 400kw, 50hz, 400V. The gas diesel generator set is installed in a 20ft container as a soundproof canopy.Our gas generator set can use CNG, LPG, NG, Biogas, oilfield gas, landfill gas, sewage gas, shale gas, etc. And also we can do CH

  • 30-11 月-2020
  • 268
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1000KVA China Diesel Generator To Salvador

1000KVA China diesel generator to Salvador1000KVA diesel generator, use China brand SDNC diesel engine, coupled with JT-1000W alternator, Smartgen controller, 1000L fuel tank.Very low price with good quality, this 1000kva diesel generator set will be used as backup power for a plantation in Salvador

  • 30-11 月-2020
  • 274
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250kva 200kw Cummins Diesel Generators To South Africa

250kva 200kw Cummins diesel generators to South AfricaDiesel engine: Cummins 6LTAA8.9-G2Alternator: StamfordController: SmartGenPrime power: 200kw/250kvaStandby power: 220kw/275kvaFrequency: 50hzSoundproof or Open: Soundproof

  • 29-11 月-2020
  • 241
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1000KW Cummins Diesel Generator To Myanmar

1000KW Cummins diesel generator to MyanmarCummins prime power 1000KW 1250KVA, 50Hz, 230/400V, open type, 2000A ACB with copper bar.Diesel engine is Cummins KTA50-G3, and the alternator is JT-1000W.We provide 2000 hours or 15 months warranty for our Cummins diesel generators.Please kindly contact us

  • 28-11 月-2020
  • 265
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200kva Cummins Diesel Generator Set To Vietnam

200kva Cummins diesel generator set to VietnamDiesel engine: Cummins 6CTAA8.3-G2Alternator: Leroy sormerController: SmartGenPrime power: 160kw/200kvaStandby power: 176kw/220kvaFrequency: 50hzSoundproof or Open: Soundproof

  • 25-11 月-2020
  • 272
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50kw Marine Diesel Generator To Philippines

50KW Marine Diesel Generator to the PhilippinesWe can provide marine diesel generators from 50kva to 1500kva. The brand including Cummins, Deutz, Weichai, Shangchai, Yuchai, etc.The marine generators have CCS certificates for both engine and alternator, the genset is satisfied with CCS certification

  • 25-11 月-2020
  • 231
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150kw Cummins Diesel Generators Trailer To Azerbaijan

150kw Cummins diesel generators trailer to AzerbaijanDiesel engine: Cummins 6CTA8.3-G2Alternator: Leroy sormerController: SmartGenPrime power: 145km/181kvaStandby power: 160kw/200kvaFrequency: 50hz/1500rpmSilent, trailer

  • 24-11 月-2020
  • 241
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150kva Perkins Diesel Generators To Spain

150kva Perkins diesel generators to SpainDiesel engine: Perkins 1106A-70TAG2Alternator: StamfordController: DeepseaPrime power: 120kw/150kvaStandby power: 132kw/165kvaFrequency: 50hzSoundproof or Open: Soundproof

  • 23-11 月-2020
  • 251
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1000kva Cummins Containerized Diesel Generator To Venezuela

1000kva Cummins Containerized diesel generator to VenezuelaDiesel Genset informationDiesel engine: Cummins KTA38-G2AAlternator: Stamford S6L1D-D41Controller: Deepsea DSE7320 with 2000A ATSSoundproof containerized type, fuel tank 8 hoursFrequency: 60Hz/1800RPMVoltage: 240V-480V

  • 19-11 月-2020
  • 256
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120kw Cummins Diesel Generators To Germany

120kw Cummins diesel generators to GermanyDiesel engine: Cummins 6BTAA5.9-G12Alternator: StamfordController: DeepseaPrime power: 125kw/156kvaStandby power: 136kw/170kvaVoltage: 220VFrequency: 50hzSoundproof or Open: Soundproof

  • 18-11 月-2020
  • 253
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100kw Cummins Diesel Generator Set To Ukraine

100kw Cummins diesel generator set to UkraineDiesel engine: Cummins 6BTAA5.9-G2Alternator: Leroy sormerController: DeepseaPrime power: 104kw/130kvaStandby power: 114kw/143kvaFrequency: 50hzSoundproof or Open: Open

  • 17-11 月-2020
  • 244
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