How To Run In The New Diesel Generator Set

  • 11 - 05 - 2020
  • 197

Before the new diesel generator set is put into operation, it must be run-in according to the technical requirements of the diesel engine manual, so that the surface of the moving parts is smoother and the service life of the diesel engine is extended.


During the running-in of the unit, try to avoid the engine running under no load and low load for a long time, otherwise it will not only increase the oil consumption rate, leak the engine oil / diesel from the exhaust pipe, but also cause carbon deposits on the piston and piston ring groove, fuel Dilute the engine oil without burning. Therefore, when the engine is under low-load operation, the running time is not more than 10 minutes. As a standby generator set, it must be operated at full load for at least 4 hours per year to burn off the carbon deposits in the engine and exhaust system, otherwise it will affect the life of diesel engine moving parts Quality has serious consequences.

Steps of generating unit running-in method:

(1) The no-load idling running-in generator set should be carefully inspected according to the previous method. After all aspects are normal, the diesel generator set can be started. After the diesel generator set is started, adjust the speed to idle speed and run for 10 minutes. Also check the oil pressure, listen to the running sound of the diesel engine, and then stop.

(2) Open the side cover of the cylinder block, and touch the temperature of the main bearing, connecting rod bearing, etc. with your hand. The requirement should not be higher than 80 째 C, that is, it is normal to not be too hot, and observe the operation of each machine. If the temperature and structure of each machine are normal, continue to run-in according to the following specifications.

(3) The engine speed is gradually increased from idle speed to rated speed, the speed is increased to 1500r / min, but it should be continuously operated for 2min at each speed, and the maximum no-load speed operation time should not exceed 5-10min. During the running-in period, the cooling water temperature should be maintained at 75-80 째 C and the oil temperature should not be higher than 90 째 C.

(4) Load-in for running-in must be based on the premise that all aspects of the unit are normal and the load meets the technical requirements. The load is run in under the rated speed, and the load is gradually increased. First run in at 25% of the rated load; at 50% of the rated load; at 80% of the rated load. During the running-in period of the engine, check the oil level of the engine every 4 hours, replace the lubricant, and clean the oil pan and oil filter.

(5) Check the tightening of bolts such as the main bearing nut, connecting rod nut, cylinder head nut, fuel injection pump and fuel injector; check the valve clearance and calibrate it if necessary.


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