1500kva Cummins generators to the Philippines

1500 kVA Cummins diesel generators to the Philippines2 units of 1500 kVA Cummins gensets, powered by Cummins KTA50-G3 diesel engines, coupled with Stamford alternator, Deepsea 8610 controller. These two gensets will work in parallel.Jinte Power provides diesel generators from 10kva to 4000kva, engin

  • 28-5 月-2022
  • 425
  • Cummins generatars,Cummins KTA50-G3,Diesel generators Philippines
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Containerized Trailer Diesel Generator

Containerized trailer diesel generatorJinte Power finished production of 2MW (2000KW) diesel generator for our Australia customer. This diesel generator was produced under AS1359 standards. It will be used on a mining site. Customized soundproof container, with trailer (without truck head). This kin

  • 13-9 月-2021
  • 434
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EPA Tier 4F Volvo Diesel Generator To Philippines

570KW EPA Tier 4F Volvo diesel generator to the PhilippinesJinte Power finished the production of 570KW Volvo diesel generator, silent type cabinet, this diesel generator will deliver to our customer in the Philippines. Below is the genset information:Diesel engine: Volvo Penta TWD1673GE (EPA, Tier

  • 03-9 月-2021
  • 332
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PREVENTING THE SPREAD OF COVID-19In view of the recent spread of the COVID epidemic in our region, JINTE company has actively prevented the outbreak and spread of the epidemic within the company in accordance with the requirements of the country.Masks, medicines, hand sanitizer and disinfectant were

  • 23-8 月-2021
  • 310
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MTU Diesel Generators To Uzbekistan

2000KVA MTU diesel generators to UzbekistanAfter three months of business negotiation with Uzbekistan EPC, we got the order to supply 3 units of 2000KVA MTU diesel generators for the tourist resort.According to the generator room, we design and produce the 3 units of 2000KVA MTU emergency generators

  • 20-8 月-2021
  • 253
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1000KW Cummins Gensets With Heat Exchanger

1000KW Cummins gensets with heat exchanger finished installation in the MaldivesThis project was on a resort island in the Maldives. Use three units of Cummins KTA50-G3 diesel gensets synchronizing. Below is the details:Main power: 1000KW 1250KVA, 50Hz, 3 phase, 400VDiesel engine: Cummins KTA50-G3Al

  • 09-8 月-2021
  • 315
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Silent Soundproof Diesel Generator To Antigua And Barbuda

Silent soundproof type diesel generator to Antigua and BarbudaDiesel generator informationPrime power output is 70kw.Frequency is 60Hz, voltage is 240V, single phase.Soundproof type, the noise level is 68dba at 7 meters.The fuel tank is 500L on base.The controller is Smartgen with ATS.

  • 24-5 月-2021
  • 320
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Cummins Generator Scale Cleaning Method

The Cummins generator scale cleaning method is a concern of many customers and people in the generator industry because it needs to be dealt with frequently. Long-term use of hard water in the equipment will deposit a layer of yellow-white scale on the inner wall of the cooler and pipes. The thermal

  • 21-4 月-2021
  • 322
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800KW Diesel Generator To Fiji

800KW Diesel Generator to FijiOur customer from Fiji visited our factory and checking his diesel generator before delivery. He is very satisfied with our products.Diesel genset output: 800KWDiesel engine: YuchaiAlternator: Jinte PowerController: SmartgenSoundproof type, with 8 hours fuel tank on bas

  • 03-3 月-2021
  • 312
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130kva Cummins Trailer Genset To Curacao

130kva Cummins Trailer Genset to CuracaoGenset Power: 130KVADiesel Engine: Cummins 6BTAA5.9-G2Alternator: Jinte PowerController: Smartgen HGM6110 with ATSSilent soundproof type with trailer, fuel tank on baseFrequency: 50Hz/1500rpmVoltage: 230/400V

  • 02-3 月-2021
  • 336
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50KW Silent Diesel Generator To Cambodia

50KW Silent Diesel Generator to CambodiaDiesel Genset Power: 50KWDiesel Engine: Cummins 4BTA3.9-G2Alternator: Jinte PowerController: Smartgen HGM6110Silent type, with fuel tank on baseFrequency: 50Hz/1500rpmVoltage: 230/400VPackage: woodcase

  • 01-3 月-2021
  • 329
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500KVA Cummins Diesel Generators To Thailand

500KVA Cummins Diesel Generators to ThailandGenset power: 500kva 400kw Prime PowerDiesel engine: Cummins KTA19-G3AAlternator: Stamford S5L1D-C41Controller: Deepsea DSE8610Frequency: 50Hz/1500rpmVoltage: 400/230V 3 phaseThese two diesel generators work in synchronizing to output power 1000KVA. All th

  • 26-2 月-2021
  • 336
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50KW Cummins Diesel Generator To Cambodia

50KW Cummins Diesel Generator to CambodiaDiesel Genset Power: 50KWFrequency: 50Hz/1500rpmVoltage: 230/400VDiesel Engine: CumminsAlternator: StamfordController: SmartgenSilent type with fuel tank for 8-10 hoursBatteries, battery charger, silencer, etc.

  • 25-2 月-2021
  • 345
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Silent Diesel Generator With Big Fuel Tank To Cambodia

Silent diesel generator with big fuel tank to CambodiaProject name: 4 units of 50KW Silent type diesel generators to CambodiaGenset power: 50KWFrequency: 50HzVoltage: 400V, 3 phase, 4 wiresDiesel engine: China YangdongAlternator: Jingte PowerController: SmartgenFuel tank: 1200L

  • 24-2 月-2021
  • 313
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Perkins Diesel Generator To Russia

64KW Perkins diesel generator to RussiaGenset prime power: 64kw/80kvaDiesel engine: Perkins 1104A-44TAlternator: Jinte JT-64WController: Smartgen 6110Soundproof cabinet with base fuel tank, 100mm warm protection, water heater, air heater inside the cabinet, oil heater, batteries, battery charger.

  • 23-2 月-2021
  • 303
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