What Are The Steps For Maintenance Of The Generator Set?

  • 31 - 10 - 2019
  • 219

During the use of the generator set, we need to carry out regular maintenance. So, do you know what the steps of the generator set maintenance are? The following is a detailed introduction:

The first step is to check the battery pack. Since the backup power supply is not always in use, the generator can be started normally. The key is battery maintenance. If there is a problem with the battery pack, the more common situation is: there is no voltage and there is no current. At this time, the sound of the solenoid valve in the starter motor can be heard, but the shaft is not connected.

There are three reasons for the battery pack failure:

1. When the test machine is stopped, the battery is charged, which will result in insufficient battery power.

2. The mechanical oil pump is driven by the belt. The pump oil at the rated speed is very large. However, the power supply of the battery pack is insufficient, which causes the spring piece in the shut-off valve to stop from the four oil outlets due to insufficient suction of the solenoid valve. The fuel is discharged, causing no downtime.

3. Domestic batteries usually have a life span of two years and are not replaced regularly.

The second step is to check the start-up solenoid valve. When the generator is running, people have summarized a set of inspection methods for “one look, two listen, three touches, and four sniffs”. Listening at startup is a very important step. Take the Volvo generator as an example. Just press the start button and it will start after three seconds. Two “beep” sounds can be heard within these three seconds. Once the second sound is not heard, check that the start solenoid valve is working properly. If the solenoid is blown, the generator will of course not start.


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