How To Solve The Problem Of Smoking In The Generator Set?

  • 30 - 10 - 2019
  • 219

What are the reasons for the decline in the power of diesel generator sets? If the usage time is long, will the power of the diesel generator set be reduced? I believe many customers have questions in this regard. Let us explain to you why the power of diesel generator sets will drop.

In fact, after the diesel generator set has been used for a period of time, there is a problem of power drop. In fact, this is also a normal phenomenon. So what do you do if you find that the power has dropped? We recommend that you first check with the electrician to check the condition of the diesel generator set and whether the various parts of each part are normal. If everything is ok, then this is normal.

So why is there a power drop in the diesel generator set that is used for a long time?

Because the diesel generator set is in operation, each part is in a high degree of motion under certain conditions, during which friction between parts and parts will occur, and friction must be worn.

Over time, these parts may change shape due to friction between each other. This phenomenon is commonly referred to as “natural wear”. Although this situation cannot be avoided, we still recommend that you do the daily maintenance of the diesel generator set.


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