What Industry Is The Diesel Generator Set Suitable For?

  • 01 - 11 - 2019
  • 185

At present, diesel generator sets, which are increasingly used widely, are one of the ways to supply electricity. When the mains supply is cut off, it can be recharged immediately, which can reduce the losses caused by power outages in various industries. So do you know about diesel? What kind of industry is the generator set suitable for? The generator set manufacturer introduces you below:

1. Units that cannot be powered off. Such as telecommunications, banking, hospitals, aviation, factories, electric processing enterprises, etc., once power outages, will lead to major accidents, in order to reduce the accident rate to a lower level, it is necessary to purchase a fully automatic silent diesel generator set as a backup power source.

2. Diesel generator sets can only be used for generating units. Remote areas, islands, border posts, radar stations, geological exploration, oil drilling, plateau polar and desert water conservancy, transportation, mining projects, etc., are located in remote areas. Without a grid, the cost of using the grid is high and can only be equipped with a diesel generator set as a self-contained power source.

3. Units that need to move power. Such as train power cabin, airport temporary power vehicles, emergency power supply electric vehicles, urban public security management temporary lighting vehicles, large gathering places, refrigerated transport vehicles, engineering maintenance vehicles and various power vehicles used by the military as weapons and equipment. The use of mobile power continues to enrich the connotation of electrification, and as the electrification field expands, the market demand for diesel generator sets is also increasing.

4. Missing motor unit. Although China’s electricity supply has gradually balanced, it is still difficult to get rid of seasonal and regional restrictions in the short term. Especially in the season when electricity consumption is high in summer, there is often a shortage of power supply.

The above is the diesel generator application industry introduced by the generator set manufacturers, I hope to help everyone. ?


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