Three Functions Of Diesel Engine Coolant

  • 30 - 04 - 2020
  • 112

The diesel engine coolant has three functions: to provide sufficient heat transfer capability; to prevent corrosion of all metal materials in the cooling system; and to provide sufficient antifreeze capability.


Use qualified brand coolant to ensure the normal use of diesel engines.

The cooling liquid should be composed of water and antifreeze or water and anti-rust liquid. Among them, the PH value of water should be between 6 and 8. Filtered water is usually recommended.

In frozen areas, the coolant should contain 40% to 60% of antifreeze. It is recommended that users use a mixture of 50% of the unit’s antifreeze and 50% of purified water, and they should be prepared separately in separate containers. Then add the water tank, its anti-freezing ability can reach about -30 ℃.

In areas where there is no danger of freezing, antirust fluids can be used instead of antifreeze fluids. When the mixing ratio of anti-rust liquid and pure water is about 1:30, a good anti-rust effect can be achieved without reducing the cooling performance of the unit. After adding anti-rust liquid, the unit should be run to the state of heat engine to obtain the best anti-corrosion protection.


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