What May Cause The Diesel Generator Set To Trip

  • 26 - 04 - 2020
  • 222

Trip is one of the failures that will be encountered during the use of diesel generator sets. Many users are not clear about the reasons for unit trips. It is inevitable that they will be in a hurry when they encounter tripping phenomena. According to the diesel generator set manufacturer, if the unit trips, it can be checked from the following aspects:


1. Carry out a detailed inspection of the exterior of the transformer unit and related equipment to determine whether there is a failure outside.

2. Check whether the display device of the generator shows a fault. If it shows, the excitation should be cut off. If not, adjust the voltage and frequency of the generator, check whether the power supply is normal, and check whether the starting transformer is connected to each other.

3. If it is the bus differential or substation fault caused by generator overcurrent protection, you need to check whether the outside of the generator is normal, and then isolate the fault before connecting to the power grid.

4. Before the trip, if there is strong excitation and current impact, it means that the generator-transformer internal fault should be dealt with in time.

5. If there is no strong excitation effect, no current impact before the trip, the power grid is running normally, and the engine, generator, and main transformer are also normal, you need to check the action protection. Continue to find other reasons.

There are many reasons leading to diesel generator set tripping. I hope that the above five ideas provided by the unit manufacturer can give you some inspiration. When encountering tripping problems, it should be targeted to investigate and find out the cause of the failure as soon as possible. Please ask a professional diesel generator set manufacturer to repair and let the group resume operation as soon as possible.


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