The Hazard Of Excessive Wear Of Diesel Generator Set

  • 20 - 04 - 2020
  • 196

It is inevitable that some diesel generators will wear out after being used for a period of time. It is important that if unreasonable excessive wear occurs, such a situation should attract everyone’s attention.


First of all, we need to analyze the reasons for this situation. You may think whether it is due to improper use or some failure of the diesel generator? Therefore, we should understand what causes the diesel generator to wear out, and we can solve the problem only after we find out the cause.

The wear of diesel generators is generally affected by the quality of fuel and lubricants, the speed and load of the diesel engine, environmental conditions and operating conditions. And the test proves that the friction of the diesel engine increases with the increase of speed and load. Because the load increases, the unit pressure on the friction surface increases, and the thermal condition is poor. When the rotation speed increases, the number of frictions per unit time is half increased, and at the same power, the rotation speed increase is greater than the wear when the load increases. However, the excessively low speed can also increase wear due to the inability to guarantee good liquid lubrication conditions.

Another factor that causes serious diesel generator wear is the temperature of the environment in which the generator set is used. When the temperature is too high, the engine is easy to overheat, the viscosity of the lubricating oil is low, and the wear of the parts increases. When the temperature is low, the viscosity of the lubricating oil becomes larger, the diesel engine is difficult to start, and the cooling water cannot maintain the normal temperature during work, which increases the wear and corrosion of parts. When the diesel engine starts at low temperature, the wear is more serious. Practice shows that the cooling water temperature is controlled at 75 ~ 85 ℃, and the lubricating oil temperature is at 75 ~ 95 ℃.

Continued use of diesel generators during excessive wear will exacerbate the shortening of their life and cause great losses, so remind everyone that when problems occur in diesel generators, they should be eliminated and resolved in time.


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