Increasing The Emphasis On Generator Batteries

  • 22 - 04 - 2020
  • 182

The state protection and necessary power support of the battery can not be compared with manual operation, and it directly or indirectly affects the power generation efficiency of the generator, so contact and report to the manufacturer in time for abnormal conditions To avoid serious consequences at a later stage.


Ensuring the normal use of the generator at all times is related to many aspects. Coincidentally, the good or bad working state of the battery is also closely related, and not to mention others, the state protection of the battery and the necessary power support. However, this cannot be done manually. By comparison, from this point of view, from an objective point of view, strengthening and improving the efforts in this area, the power output of the generator, and reducing the loss in the process of power transmission are all worthy of the attention of the majority of users.


       Some users may find it unnecessary, and the seriousness of the problem may not be found in a short time, but if the generator is exposed to high voltage and high current for a long time, it is easy to cause the battery to overheat, which may cause positive and negative electrodes. The twists and turns, or even the broken core, etc., manufacturers often have direct or indirect contact with the battery when solving various equipment failures.

In addition, when the battery is transported or installed, if the cracks in the case are not found in real time, the acid inside the battery will be separated from the battery and the battery rack or battery cabinet will have a chemical reaction, which is likely to cause local static electricity or sparks in the generator. With the influence of factors such as operation time, capacity and output power, etc., it is related to the stability and durability of the cable connection.

To this end, the manufacturer also recommends that users use the generator in addition to strictly abide by the operating regulations, in addition to strictly abide by the operating regulations, real-time understanding of the working status of the battery, and at the same time timely contact and report to the manufacturer for abnormal situations, to avoid the later Serious consequences.


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