How To Use Diesel Generators Healthily?

  • 16 - 04 - 2020
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Due to the current industrial needs, generators are also widely used in various industries. Diesel generators have high thermal efficiency, low fuel consumption, start quickly, and can quickly reach full power, reliable and durable work. The maintenance operation is simple, and the maintenance is easy during standby. It can not only play the role of emergency power supply, but also has low harmful emissions, and can start and stop frequently. As a backup power source for power or lighting load, diesel generators are very popular in industrial enterprises and institutions. However, little is known about the health knowledge of diesel generating sets.


1. How to use diesel generator correctly and healthily:

1. Inspection before operation

1) Check whether all parts of the diesel generator set are normal, pay special attention to whether the attachments of the attachments are firm, and whether the transmission parts and the control system are flexible.

2) Check whether the water tank is full of water, whether the oil in the oil pan and fuel injection pump is proper, whether the 150KW generator diesel is sufficient, whether the fuel tank switch is turned on, and check the fuel system for leaks.

3) Check whether the circuit wiring of the electric starting system is correct and whether the battery is fully charged.

2. Start

1) When the temperature is above 50C, use the key to open the electric door and set the start switch to the start position to start.

2) The continuous working time of the starting motor should not exceed 10 seconds. If one start is unsuccessful, the 50KW generator should be started for the second time after two minutes. If it is unsuccessful three times in a row, the reason should be checked separately.

3) After starting, adjust the speed control handle, make the diesel engine run at 800 rpm for several minutes, observe the oil pressure, and adjust the speed to the rated speed when the water temperature reaches 600C.

4) During operation, the operator should pay attention to the readings of various instruments, especially the oil pressure. The oil pressure should be maintained between 3Kg / cm2 ~ 5Kg / cm2.

3. Power transmission


1) Pay attention to adjust the voltage regulator to adjust the voltage to 380V ~ 400V and the frequency to about 50HZ.

    2) After the voltage is stabilized, turn the universal switch on the dial to automatic, and then turn on the 200KW generator transmission air switch to send power.

3) Pay attention to water volume, oil volume, water temperature, oil temperature, oil pressure, and feed supply.

4) Power supply sequence: close the generator air switch → close the double-throw knife switch to the power generation side → close the air switches in 1PB and 2PB respectively.

 4. Shutdown

 1) First cut off the power transmission air switch of the generator

 2) Relax the throttle and gradually reduce the speed to 800 rpm. After a few minutes of empty running, the diesel engine flameout switch can be pulled until the diesel engine stops.


The correct use of diesel generators is a very important thing. The correct use of generators is actually a part of generator maintenance. The maintenance of generators should start from the details.


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