How To Start The Diesel Generator Set At Low Temperature

  • 29 - 10 - 2019
  • 213

1: It is not possible to use an open flame to heat the fuel tank with an open flame to heat the fuel tank. It will not only damage the paint on the surface of the diesel generator set, but also easily burn out the plastic oil pipe, causing oil leakage, and even exploding due to the rapid expansion of gas in the fuel tank, resulting in the destruction of the body. And casualties.

2: It is not allowed to add cooling water at the start-up. If the cooling water is not added at the start-up, and the cooling water is added after the diesel generator is started, the water tank with the temperature rise will cause the body and the cylinder head due to the sudden encounter of cold water. Cracks are generated.

3: It is not possible to add oil from the intake pipe to add oil from the intake pipe, which will cause the piston and piston ring to deposit carbon and reduce the service life.

4: Do not remove the air filter. Start the fire and remove the air filter. The unclean air will enter the moving parts such as cylinders and air valves, which will aggravate the wear of the generator components.

Then, how should the diesel generator set be properly started when the temperature is low in winter? First, it is necessary to use “0” diesel with low freezing point as fuel; second, preheating diesel and oil with hot water; third, adding hot water of about 70 C as cooling water, and adding it while precipitating temperature.


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