Computer Room Requirements For Diesel Generator Sets

  • 28 - 10 - 2019
  • 212

When enterprises purchase generator sets, they have great doubts about how to build the diesel generator room. So what are the requirements for the installation of the diesel generator room? Jiangsu Kaichen reminds everyone that whether a diesel generator set is placed properly is likely to affect the operation quality of the diesel generator set. Due to the special performance of diesel generator sets, there are certain requirements for the construction of diesel generator sets and how to place diesel generator sets. There are also several points to note:

1. The diesel generator set must be protected from wind and rain. If there is no machine room, it is recommended that you can purchase the rain cover. This also protects the diesel generator set placed outdoors, thus improving the life of the diesel generator set. .

2. The base base used to fix the diesel generator set is also very important because it needs to support the weight of the entire diesel generator set and the vibration problems generated by the operation of the diesel generator set. At the same time, it needs to have sufficient rigidity and stability. Wingzhong Power recommends that everyone use concrete. In general, the concrete installation foundation is a reliable and easy installation method in the wing, so we recommend that users give priority. When the foundation is made of concrete, the level should be measured with a level gauge during installation to fix the unit on a level basis. There should be a special shock pad or foot bolt between the unit and the foundation.

3. The diesel generator room must have sufficient space and maintain a good ventilation environment. Because the temperature of the diesel generator set will increase during operation, the exhaust of the diesel generator room is also very important. In addition, the muffler and exhaust pipe need to be suspended below the ceiling of the diesel generator room, and the exhaust system cannot be directly installed on the top of the diesel generator set. Wingzhong Power reminds everyone that regarding the export wind of the diesel generator room, the area of the air outlet should be more than 1.5 times the area of the water tank. The exhaust pipe must also be open to the outside, the pipe diameter must be 돟 the diameter of the exhaust pipe of the muffler, and the elbow of the connected pipe should not exceed 3 to ensure the smooth discharge of smoke, and the pipe should be inclined downward 5-10 To avoid rainwater injection; if the exhaust pipe is installed vertically upwards, a rain cover must be installed.

4. The area around the installation site should be kept clean to avoid placing nearby items that can produce corrosive gases and vapors such as acid and alkali. Conditional fire extinguishing devices should be provided.

5. The bidirectional switch of generator and mains must be very reliable to prevent reverse power transmission. The wiring reliability of the bidirectional switch is subject to inspection and approval by the local power supply department.


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