What Are The Mistakes In Maintenance When The Generator Is Repaired?

  • 12 - 11 - 2019
  • 217

When a diesel generator set needs to be repaired in a fault, the diesel generator manufacturer recommends that the user try to find a regular diesel generator set maintenance company or the original factory for maintenance. Because a wrong maintenance idea will not only affect the service life of the unit, but also waste more of our users’ funds and damage the unit’s performance.

First: first numb disassembly

Some maintenance personnel, the actual experience of maintenance is not rich, the lack of analytical ability when encountering problems, directly hope to solve the problem by disassembly, this behavior is not desirable. The correct method should be, according to the fault to be solved, analyze what conditions are needed to solve this fault, and take a loop to find unknown results through known conditions. The same is true for our maintenance of diesel generator sets. What are the reasons for this type of failure? Analyze, inspect and solve according to these reasons step by step;

Second: blind replacement parts

In some cases, damage to some components will cause the overall performance of the unit to be affected. Customers may feel that replacing the new parts should be better than using them after maintenance. In fact, sometimes, blindly replacing new parts, on the one hand, increases the maintenance cost. On the other hand, the matching between the new parts and the surrounding parts is not as good as the original one. It is better to restore the function of the parts by means of repair. Two birds in one fell swoop;

Third: poor quality parts

This kind of situation abounds. At present, the quality of products in the diesel generator set market is uneven, and the imitation goods are everywhere, not to mention the parts market. Counterfeit products are everywhere. When buying, you must pay attention to quality, verify the quality of the inspection and then confirm the purchase and use for maintenance. The generator manufacturer recommends that you try to use the original accessories produced by the original factory.



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