What Are The Consequences Of Improper Treatment Of Cooling Water In Diesel Generator Sets?

  • 11 - 11 - 2019
  • 169

Work when the amount of cooling water is insufficient or the cooling water and oil temperature are too high. Insufficient cooling water capacity of the generator set will reduce its cooling effect. The diesel engine will overheat due to the lack of useful cooling; if the oil temperature of the cooling water or oil is too high, it will cause the diesel engine to overheat. At this moment, the diesel generator cylinder head, cylinder liner, piston assembly and valve are the main heat load, and the mechanical properties such as strength and toughness are drastically reduced, which makes the deformation of the parts, reduces the matching clearance between the parts, and accelerates the wear of the parts. Cracks and mechanical jams can occur when the weather is severe. Overheating of diesel generators will also worsen the incineration process of diesel engines, causing the injector to malfunction, poor atomization, and increased carbon deposits.

In addition, the work under the condition of insufficient oil is also the practice we have always adopted, so the damage to the equipment is also great, increasing the conflict, causing the problem of pulling the cylinder or burning the tile. Therefore, some mistakes that we have taken for granted are It is important to correct it in time.



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