What Are The Cooling And Ventilation Requirements For Diesel Generator Sets?

  • 12 - 11 - 2019
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Cooling and ventilation of diesel generator sets is very important. The engine room should have a satisfactory air flow to meet the needs of combustion and cooling ventilation. Below, we will summarize the requirements for cooling and ventilation, so that we can refer to it when we settle in the machine room.

1) The unit should be equipped with the radiator as close as possible to the exhaust vent to prevent the recirculation of hot air. When there is no air duct, it is recommended that the distance between the radiator and the air outlet does not exceed 150 mm. If the equipment room is difficult to meet the above requirements, the corresponding air duct of the equipment is recommended.

2) The area of the exhaust vent should be 1.5 times the air discharge area of the radiator. Under normal circumstances, it is necessary to cooperate with the air duct of the radiator device and the exhaust louver.

3) The tortuosity of the duct should pass through the appropriate elbow. If the pipeline is too long, the standard should be increased to reduce the exhaust back pressure. Long-distance air duct mufflers should be specially designed according to the characteristics of the building.

4) The entrance and exhaust vents of buildings generally have shutters and louvers. When calculating the vent standard, the ventilating area of louvers and grids should be considered.

5) The unit requires a lot of air for combustion and cooling, which is often overlooked. It is recommended that the total area of the air inlet is at least twice the heat dissipation area of the unit. All the air outlets should prevent the entry of rainwater. In areas with severe cold weather, the engine room of the standby and rarely-operated generator sets should be able to keep warm in and out. The equipment can be used to debug the blinds. When the unit is not working, the shutters can be closed.

Ventilation requirements

1) The damper or blinds function to isolate the machine room from the surrounding environment. The operation of opening and closing should be controlled by the working condition of the unit.

2) The movable damper of the equipment room in the cold area responds to the recirculation of the airflow in the machine room to heat the machine room during the cold machine and then improve the efficiency of the unit.

The good environment of the diesel generator room plays an important role in the normal operation of the diesel generator. Therefore, we must attach great importance to the cooling and ventilation methods of the equipment room to ensure the reliability of the unit power supply.



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