Wear Of Bypass Valves And Pressure-limiting Valves

  • 07 - 01 - 2020
  • 196

Many friends may hear such a statement during the purchase process. Bypass valves and pressure limiting valves are generally no better than disassembly and repair, so everyone ignores this part. Jiangsu Giant Power should correct everyone’s misunderstanding. Bypass valves and pressure limiting valves of diesel generators should pay attention to wear and tear.


Taking Cummins generator set as an example, the bypass valve and pressure limiting valve do not need to be disassembled and repaired under normal circumstances, but if the ball valve and valve seat inside the bypass valve are severely worn, the pressure limiting spring is weakened or broken, it should be removed Check.

When the wear of the ball valve and the valve seat is relatively light, the grinding fluid can be coated between the ball valve and the valve seat for grinding; when the wear is severe, the seat surface can be mirror-cut or ground, and then the valve surface can be replaced or ground. Ball valves can be replaced with steel balls of the same diameter. After the bypass valve is repaired, it should be assembled in its original position. After the assembly is completed, the generator set is started and the lubricant pressure is adjusted again.

Diesel generator set consists of countless parts, some of which we all know are very important parts, and the focus of maintenance is also on these parts, but do n’t ignore some small details. Although some parts do not need close attention, they are regularly The inspection must be continued.


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