The Generator Manufacturer Analyzes Why The Diesel Generator Set Is Allowed To Run At A Small Load?

  • 25 - 10 - 2019
  • 248

Why not allow diesel generator sets to operate at low loads? There are many places in the generator that use pressure seals, such as between cylinder liner-piston-piston ring, supercharger-supercharger rotor shaft. This seal is generally used when the engine has about 1/3 load. The effect, while the load is small, there may be a slight leakage, so foreign engine manufacturers generally give emphasis in their manuals.

When the diesel generator set is operated under a small load, the following faults will occur:

1. The piston-cylinder liner is not well sealed, the oil is on the sputum, it enters the combustion chamber to burn, and the exhaust smokes blue smoke.

2. For supercharged diesel engines, due to low load and no load, the supercharging pressure is low. It is easy to cause the sealing effect of the supercharger oil seal (non-contact type) to drop, and the oil enters the plenum chamber and enters the cylinder along with the intake air.

3. A part of the oil from the upper stern to the cylinder is involved in the combustion. Some of the oil cannot be completely burned, and carbon deposits are formed at the valve, the intake port, the piston top, the piston ring, etc., and some are discharged with the exhaust gas. Thus, the cylinder liner In the airway, oil will gradually accumulate and carbon deposits will form.

4. The supercharged indoor oil of the supercharger accumulates to a certain extent and will leak from the joint surface of the supercharger.

5, Long-term small load operation, will more seriously lead to increased wear and tear of moving parts, engine combustion environment deterioration and other consequences leading to the overhaul period.

The above is the reason why the diesel generator set is not allowed to run at a small load. I hope everyone can firmly grasp it.


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