Precautions For Fuel Supply Of Diesel Generator Sets

  • 26 - 10 - 2019
  • 238

We all know that the fuel supply of the diesel generator set affects the stability of the work of the unit. What should be paid attention to when adjusting the fuel supply of the diesel generator set? The following generator manufacturers will tell you about it.

1. Loosen the fixing screw of the fork (or ring or flange sleeve), you only need to move it to change the oil, and it must not move too much, otherwise it will be difficult to adjust accurately (if necessary, mark the initial position first) Easy to compare).

2. After each adjustment, the tightening degree of the fixing screws must be confirmed.

3. When adjusting the oil supply, ensure that the oil supply is not higher than the standard oil supply. This is because the adjustment is made at low speed. Considering the influence of many factors such as oil leakage, large unevenness (30%) is allowed at this time, but at high speed, the unevenness is small (3%) due to factors such as throttling. If the fuel quantity at low speed is higher than the standard fuel quantity, the fuel quantity at high speed may vary greatly, even exceeding the rated fuel quantity.

4. If the maximum oil supply and minimum oil supply of the same engine differ greatly, do not rush to adjust. You can install the outlet valves of the two sub-pumps first to check and compare. Sometimes this will also change the fuel supply. If the adjusted fuel supply has not changed, you will need to adjust the two branch pumps one by one.

5, To use the comparison method to adjust the amount of oil supply, the operation must be careful and meticulous.


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