Reasons For Increased Fuel Consumption?

  • 06 - 05 - 2020
  • 198

In the statistics of the use cost of diesel generating sets, when there is a large amount of fuel consumption in a certain stage, it is necessary to consider whether the fuel supply of the fuel injection pump is too high. The common reasons for the fuel supply of the fuel injection pump of the diesel generating set are the following three reasons:


1. Excessive fuel supply of fuel injection pump

2. The adjusting screw that restricts a large number of racks in the speed adjuster is adjusted too large, or the throttle handle restricting screw has been adjusted

3. Excessive oil in the governor will increase the oil supply and cause “tag car”. When the fuel supply is too large, the fuel consumption increases, the fuel combustion is incomplete, the exhaust of the diesel generator is black smoke, accelerates serious carbon deposition in the combustion chamber, accelerates the wear of the cylinder, piston and piston ring, and even the diesel generator Overheating and cylinder collision.

Therefore, the specific inspection of this unit can only be carried out according to the above three common reasons. The increase in fuel consumption is not necessarily the cause, but of course it may be oil.


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