Noise Reduction Of Diesel Generator Sets

  • 22 - 03 - 2020
  • 171

How to reduce the noise of diesel generators as much as possible during the use of generators? Reducing noise from diesel generators is a trick.


First, the production of fireproof and soundproof doors

The thickness of the metal frame made of steel plate is about 100mm. The size is determined by the size of the engine room and the size of the diesel generator. The interior is equipped with sound insulation materials, and the outside is a metal iron plate. The soundproof door and the surrounding metal frame are sealed with a soft seal.

Second, the design of the machine room air intake silencer

It is made of steel plate with built-in sound-absorbing material, which has the characteristics of light structure and elegant appearance. The air enters the machine room through the air-supply sound-absorbing air groove, and the sound-absorbing air groove has the function of blocking the noise from passing outside the machine room.

Third, the design of the machine room exhaust air silencer

The diesel generator set fan forcibly cools the water tank, the hot air is discharged from the engine room through the exhaust air silencing tank, and the noise is also emitted from the silencing air duct. The silencing air duct can effectively reduce the intensity of the noise. Silence groove is made of steel plate and sound-absorbing material.

Fourth, the sound insulation of the diesel generator room

According to the specific conditions of the computer room, there are two structures for the muffler system. One is the design of the muffler wall in the machine room, and the other is a perforated plate on the surface of the inner wall of the machine room as the muffler wall.

Fifth, silencer production of the unit exhaust system

In order to prevent the exhaust pipe and the indoor muffler from releasing heat in the machine room, the smoke exhaust pipe and the indoor muffler are wrapped with fireproof materials to reduce the unit’s heat emission to the machine room. In order to improve the noise reduction effect of the exhaust gas, secondary mute must be adopted. In general, the first-stage silent diesel generator set has been installed, and the second-stage silent device adopts anti-silence device, which makes the sound insulation effect more obvious.


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