Introduction To EFI And Electronic Speed Regulation Of Diesel Generator Sets

  • 04 - 11 - 2019
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EFI technology, that is, the electronic injection supply technology of the internal combustion engine fuel system, in order to strictly control the serious pollution of the generator exhaust gas to the environment, it is necessary to implement the EFI technology for the gasoline engine for the passenger car, and adopt a non-access method for the non-electrical injection vehicle.

Due to the particularity of the fuel supply system, the diesel engine adopts a high-pressure (10-120 MPa) injection method when the fuel is supplied to the cylinder. It is more difficult to technically change the original oil supply method compared with the gasoline engine. In fact, diesel engine pollution is sometimes more severe than gasoline engines, especially smoke exhaust, carbon oxides and so on.

The diesel generator set requires the diesel engine to output high-quality electric energy as long as it has stable running speed and good dynamic performance. Together with the automation of the speed adjustment, it can truly complete the automation and intelligence of the standby (main) power supply. Therefore, diesel engines equipped with diesel generator sets have already completed electronic speed regulation in recent years, but the control measures for environmental pollution have nothing to do.

Diesel engines for diesel generator sets are variants of diesel engines for vehicles, ships and construction machinery. Therefore, the development of electronic control technology must be affected by major products. In the late 20th century, as diesel vehicle exhaust pollutant emission regulations and gasoline vehicles became more stringent, the requirements for improving the economics of diesel engines were further improved. Therefore, based on the rapid development of gasoline electrical control technology, some developed countries initially conducted diesel electromechanical Control technology – e-jet has been developed and discussed and put into use. The electronic injection technology and the electronic speed control technology have the same point (that is, control the fuel injection amount of the diesel engine), and have fundamental differences, that is, the electronic injection also has the electric signal to control the injection timing and the injection pressure, completely eliminating the fuel system. Mechanical structure.

The EFI diesel generator set has changed the scope of the original generator set control, which is the initial step of the diesel generator to the green unit. Because today, in the modern society, people have paid attention to the impact of the environment on the society and the economy. At present, it has taken great importance to the pollution control of vehicles, especially gasoline engine cars, and the necessity of controlling the engine by electronic injection. Trust In the near future, diesel electromechanical spray technology is also widely available, and the widespread use of EFI diesel generator sets will also attract widespread attention.

In summary, the future development trend of diesel generator sets has gradually evolved into EFI generators, especially the mechanical speed-regulated generator sets will gradually fade out of the mall, and instead use electronic speed control and EFI power generation. unit.


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