How To Determine The Volume And Quantity Of Common Diesel Generators?

  • 06 - 11 - 2019
  • 191

Common diesel generators need to be carried out continuously for a certain period of time or often for a long time. How to confirm the capacity and number of common diesel generator sets?

I. Confirmation of the capacity of commonly used diesel generator sets

According to the unit’s long-term running output power, it can satisfy the selection of the maximum calculation load of the whole project, and the capacity of the standby unit of the generator set should be confirmed according to the importance of the load. The output power that the diesel engine continues to perform is generally 0.9 times the rated power.

2. The confirmation of the number of commonly used diesel generator sets

The number of commonly used diesel generator sets is usually set to 2 or more to ensure the continuity of power supply and adapt to changes in the load curve. If the number of units is large, the number of units that can be put into the generator set can be confirmed according to the change of the power load, so that the diesel engine is often operated under economic load to reduce the fuel consumption rate and reduce the cost of power generation. The best economic performance of a diesel engine is between 75% and 90% of the rated power. In order to ensure the continuity of the power supply, the common unit itself should consider setting up the standby unit. When the unit is faulty for maintenance or shutdown, the generator set can still be satisfied with the continuous supply of important power load without interruption.


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