Related Technical Indicators Of Diesel Generating Sets

  • 08 - 05 - 2020
  • 229

The diesel generating set starts immediately when needed and supplies excellent electrical energy to the load. Important technical indicators that need attention:

1.When the diesel generator set is under heavy load or when the load has changed, its output voltage will change to a new value, and this change time is defined as the voltage stabilization time Su. The smaller it is, the stronger the unit’s ability to respond to load changes, generally Su is 0.5 to 3 seconds. Then, the difference between the new value changed and the output voltage setting value (380V or 400V) at no load is divided by the percentage of the output voltage setting value as the steady-state voltage adjustment rateδu, which represents the change of the output voltage caused by the load change Adjustment function. Su is usually between ± 3 and ± 5%. When the load or its change, Su and δu are zero is an ideal state, diesel generator set strives for their minimum value.

2. Under the above conditions, its output voltage frequency changes with the load. Two parameters of frequency stabilization time St and steady-state frequency adjustment rate δf are defined. They are also as small as possible, indicating the unit’s ability to respond to and adjust to frequency changes caused by load changes. The range of St is 2-7 seconds, and δf is between 0.5-5%.

3. The effective fuel consumption rate ge and effective efficiency ƞe of the diesel engine. The former is defined as the amount of fuel consumed by the internal combustion engine per kilowatt of effective power output within an hour. This is an important indicator to measure the fuel consumption of diesel engines. The ge is usually between 220 and 285 grams. The latter is defined as the ratio of the heat converted from one kilowatt-hour of effective work to the heat consumed to complete one kilowatt-hour of effective work. The value of ƞe is generally 0.7 to 0.85. It shows the effective efficiency of diesel engines, the bigger the better.



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